August 14,2011

How To Contact Me On

I have an account on National Geographig's Animal For Kids.I'm Cat406789.I have a koala called Handsome Jellyflower and a big cat which is also called a tiger called Daredevil Desertlady.Go to the Buddie Icon At The Top Of The Screen and write Cat406789 and send me a friend request.Anyone can still go to my Den because it's for anyone.


How To See It Is Really Me

Im A Member and I have 4 cats.

One is Brown and Pink,I Call Her Quickcat,Another Is Brown And Blue,I call him Noblecat,The Other Is Purple And Orange,I Call her Zippygal and the last one I bought is Green And Yellow,I call him Noble Ninja and Noble Ninja is the current cat I am using with Handsome Jellyflower.I am planning to get 400 more Gems with games I play all around Animal Jam to buy another pet.


Send:Send me an e-mail here on Wikia or talk to me on Animal Jam

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